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A Valuable Alternative to Amazon Fulfillment.

Since Amazon started back in 1994, it has grown to be the largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. Of course there are many others that are similar, however nothing even comes close to the value Amazon has.

If you sell products on Amazon and are looking for a better way to store and ship your product, Port City Fulfillment (PCF) can help. PCF can quickly and efficiently store and label your products getting them ready to send to the Amazon warehouse. Not interested in sending product to FBA at all? No problem. We work with a number of clients who sell directly business to consumer. If you sell your products on Amazon, as well as your own website, we could then receive the order, and ship it out to your customer. There are many benefits of selling on Amazon but fulfilling orders through a third party fulfillment center and I have listed a few below:

1: No additional fees for shipping products to distribution centers

2: Control orders, back-orders and addresses

3: Fast, cost effective shipping

4: Flexible, seamless scalability

If your company has questions or would like to learn more about Port City Fulfillment and it's services, please contact us at 800-842-8338

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