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Tips for Social Media Marketing Holiday Success

With the holidays quickly approaching you've probably began thinking about ways to boost your social media presence and things you can do to create more customer engagement. If you haven't done much during the holidays before, it can be very beneficial to your sales and something you may want to consider. The relationships you build with your customers and potential customers during the holiday season can greatly boost your holiday sales as well as create long lasting relationships. There are a number of things you can do for social media marketing starting now and throughout the holidays, however I have listed my favorites below.

1: Post consumer opinions

A great way to engage more customers is to use actual customers promoting your products. It's a way to showcase your products and expresses to potential customers what others think about your product. Think of it as free advertising as well! User generated content humanize your brand and gives a real, authentic-type vibe to your viewers. According to ShareThis data, 68% of 18- to 34-year-olds agree that their peers’ social posts are ‘somewhat likely’ (or better) to influence them into making a purchase.

2: Promote Holiday discounts and sales

Sales and promotions skyrocket during the holiday seasons. Competition is in full effect and if you're not promoting your own brand, consumers will shop elsewhere. Social media outlets are a great way to promote your deals during this time. Be sure to express a sale that you currently have running on your site. Some shoppers only turn to social sites when looking for deals so it's always important to share your sales wherever you can. If you have dedicated customers to only your social sites, run a promotion only for those viewers. It's a great, simple way to engage with those customers and show that you care about them and appreciate their business.

3: Pair items together and create visual effects

Try changing up your photos a bit and add some holiday flare in with the pieces. Add a couple of your products together and snap a quick pic in a different setting. Sometimes it's easier for a shopper to see the product in different angles or with another product before sealing the deal.

4: Invest in time-saving social media tools

Does that thought of adding another item to your holiday list seem unimaginable? If so, it might be time to check out a time saving tool that helps with social media posts and eliminates that daunting task that can be a huge boost in your sales. I realize that not every business owner has time to post on social media, however thanks tools like SproutSocial and Quuu, allows you to schedule, post and engage your posts all in one place. You can plan your posts a week or a month ahead and have them set to go during peak times.

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