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How Merchants Are Adapting to ecommerce

Now more than ever is the time to adapt to the changes and keep up with your competition. Whether it be fast, free shipping, personalized email campaigns, an engaging, user friendly website or a top notch fulfillment center, companies can adapt to what their customers are looking for and overcome any barriers created by the competition.

Offering fast, free shipping is a great incentive for a repeat customer. We live in a culture of instant gratification, and consumers want speedy, affordable shipping. Large retailers who offer this perk have definitely made it a challenge for many smaller businesses, forcing them to follow suit and offer this deal as well. Businesses who know their competition and adapt accordingly will have a much better chance of staying afloat and keeping its doors open.

Ever visit a website that was unattractive, hard to navigate or offer too many options? If you answered yes, then you probably didn't stay long on that site and moved on to a more user-friendly, responsive website. A redesigned platform that is easy to use is a necessity for your growing business and actually not that hard to do yourself. There are so many website redesign options out there that are inexpensive, easy to create yourself and create stunning designs.

Adding personalized E-mail blasts is another easy way to engage with your customers and potential customers. By offering special pricing, attractive graphics, and links make it easy for a customers to click off to the website and hopefully purchase from your site.

Are you using social media as a free way to gain more customers to your site? If not, you should be. Marketing yourself for free on sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc is extremely necessary in this day and age. Millions of users are on social media at any time of the day and is just another quick way to get your name out there.

Finally, if your business is growing at a rate where you can no longer handle the order fulfillment and have begun to outsource, then it is important to find the right fulfillment center that can handle your business needs. The best 3rd party fulfillment partner is one that can grow and adapt to your companies ever-changing needs and has a long-term vested interest in your success.

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