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Important questions to ask your fulfillment provider

If you're currently researching and looking for the best fulfillment provider to meet your business needs, there are certain questions to ask to make sure you've chosen the best partner to deliver your brand promise.

One of the most important questions to ask any 3PL provider is if they are equipped to handle large unexpected orders. Along with this question, make sure to ask if that 3PL hires temporary or seasonal workers. If they answer yes, be sure they explain their warehouse management system (WMS) to ensure workflow optimization. A warehouse management system streamlines movement and reduces the number of steps it takes to fulfill orders. A WMS is put in place and should be advanced enough to allow for the most picked inventory at the front and the least picked stored in the back.

Another important question that needs to be asked is whether the fulfillment company partners with parcel carriers to reduce shipping costs. Many fulfillment providers batch their shipments. a good fulfillment provider should know how to lower costs out of operations and getting their customers the best price. A fulfillment center that has their system integrated with the carriers reduced shipping costs as well as receives the many features offered by the carriers. If the fulfillment warehouse you'RE currently looking in to is integrated with multiple carriers, its an even better plus as they receive all the benefits which in turn is passed on to their customers.

Knowing a fulfillment centers pick and pack method is something to consider before signing up to use their services. It may seem like tedious work, however order picking and packing can be an extremely costly activity. Pick and pack can be the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, being sure that the orders your customers receive are accurate, in good condition and on time – every time. It not only can become very confusing if you have a number of SKUS but can easily become overwhelming for the fulfillment warehouse if they are unfamiliar with products that require details like this. There are techniques a fulfillment center should use to ensure they are being the most cost & time efficient. For each order, the right size and least number of boxes to complete each order is chosen so that shipping costs are minimized, as well as packing materials to ensure that orders arrive damage free.

For more information on Port City Fulfillment and the services we offer, call 800-842-8338 and speak to one of our friendly warehouse reps or visit our website below.

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