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3 common myths about Order Fulfillment

Even in the year 2017 it seems that outsourced order fulfillment is still a very misunderstood process. Some direct-to-consumer retailers are all-in and couldn’t imagine running their businesses without help from a 3PL, while others believe that outsourcing their fulfillment to a 3pl will ruin their business entirely. After careful research and observation I have come up with and listed three commonly-believed myths about outsourced fulfillment operations in hopes to alleviate any ill-will toward them.

Myth 1: My business isn't big enough to utilize an outsourced fulfillment center.

False! Did you know you would benefit using a fulfillment center if you shipped only 30 packages a day? Many of Port City Fulfillment's customers are quit small, however we guarantee them they are getting the best bang for their buck. If you were to invest in your own fulfillment infrastructure, maintain the building and staff, you will be investing in much higher fees than you would if you paid a 3rd party vendor.

Myth 2: Using Order Fulfillment notifies my customers I outsource.

Not true! Any good fulfillment vendor knows this process and will make the transition so seamless your customer will never know a fulfillment company exists.

Myth 3: Outsourced fulfillment thinks they can run my business better.

False! You run and know your business better than anyone and we know that! However, we know fulfillment. We live, eat and breathe it every day. We know you expect 100% each and every time so you can focus on other things besides fulfillment. We pride ourselves on the constant communication we give our clients and make sure to learn your business...not as well as you do, but hopefully pretty close.

Port City Fulfillment delivers outstanding results, allowing clients to focus on growing their business. For more information call 800-842-8338

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