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How to gain more customers year round

Before starting any business it’s important to define your business values. Why do you stand out from the rest and what makes you excited and proud to do the work you do? Customers, especially potential customers want to know this and hear it over and over again. It’s your values that reflect what your business is and becomes. Expressing that to your customers shows you have passion and commitment to your business. Happy customers are much more eager and willing to share that message on social media, through word of mouth and referrals which is really free brand advocacy. So remember, include passion when you define what your business is all about. In today’s fast paced world, being on top of customer questions, concerns and yes, even complaints can make or break a repeat customer. Earning customer trust is something that takes time and responding quickly and efficiently to their questions can help you stay afloat when things get rough. Having consistent communication with your customers can be the answer to creating lasting relationships. Weekly newsletters or e-newsletters is a great way to keep customers engaged with changes, new features, or just updates on their service. A friendly call or personal email a few times a year asking them how they are, if they are satisfied with their service is a simple way to show your appreciation. It’s also a way to introduce a new product they might be interested in. Loyalty programs are a beneficial way to keep customers happy and even attract new ones. Customers want to know they are appreciated. What better way to show that than with some sort of incentive. Perhaps on their birthday you reward them with a certain % off their next order. Or, for being a loyal customer for the past 5 years, you take off a certain amount from their bill. When you reward customers for their brand loyalty you take a step toward keep them coming back while also spreading the word about your successful business. Are you involved with your community? Do you help out other businesses or exhibit acts of kindness? If you do, show it! People love this and it's another positive way to gain loyal customers year round. Simple acts of kindness can impress your audience and leave you with many more customers. In the end, listen to your customers. Send out monthly, or quarterly surveys asking what they love about your brand or what they would like to see next. People love to share their thoughts especially if it’s more a brand they like. Adding a personalized touch can also go a long way and could be the edge above what your competitors are doing. Just like you, your customers want to feel loved and cared for. The strategies I mentioned above can help do that.

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