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Approved UPS and FedEx Drop-Off Location- FedEx and UPS pick up daily from our location. Just drop your parcel off before 1 P.M., Monday-Friday and it will ship same day. If you do not have packaging or a shipping label, we can help you with both for a small fee.


Kitting and Assembly- whether your're shipping one product or multiple SKU'S, PCF provides a comprehensive array of kitting and assembly services for our customers. If your product can be shipped, allow Port City Fufillment to kit it for you!

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Pick/Pack/Ship- PCF can store your product and ship out on demand. Upon receipt of an order, your product is picked and order components from their assigned locations, we assemble the orders into your preferred packaging, apply the postage label, and send them to your customer. Utilizing our advanced shipping technology, we can select the most cost effective shipping method, or you can choose exactly which method you want to use. Our high-volume discounts and negotiated shipping rates, can guarantee you're getting the most for your money. 


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